This Guy Has a Very Strong Message for Cab Drivers Who Shamelessly Harass Women

This Guy Has a Very Strong Message for Cab Drivers Who Shamelessly Harass Women

Recently, a heap of instances relating to the harassment of women are surfacing in Pakistan. It has been a grave dilemma that our society continues to deal with. Just when a woman takes a stand for herself, feels empowered enough to fight for her fundamental rights, she is likely to face oppression. One example is the continual “public harassment” in various forms.


We have seen a revolutionary change brought by dedicated cab services in Pakistan. Without a doubt, they have helped in sorting lives of millions of Pakistanis. While transport issues are sorted out to some extent, thanks to these vendors, another major problem rose to the surface – harassment of women. You can come across hundreds of examples when women have voiced against incidents of harassment on social media. The companies deal with them accordingly, nonetheless, and the almost inevitable issue is never ignored.

But this guy, Shayan Siddiqui recently ranted on the very subject – the problems women face by the drivers of private cabs. Listen to him in his own words as he makes a strong point here:

My request and warning to Private Company's Taxi drivers in Pakistan ??.

Posted by Shayan Siddiqui on Thursday, September 28, 2017

Coming from a guy who understands and acknowledges the prevailing situation and the problems women continue to deal with in Pakistan. He reasons well with his points and we almost wish many, many offenders out there could hear him out and implement on the valid reason he makes.

We all can agree to his point of playing our respective roles living in the society. We all have individual duties that we must not forget. In order to bring harmony in this country, we need to play our parts. It’s down to the minute level. This guy’s rant about certain cab drivers who make it difficult for women to travel around the town has almost gone viral all over social media.

What do you guys think about it? Do you agree with him?

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