This Guy Shared The Hilarious Way He Learned Not To Ask Women If They’re Fasting!

When it comes to discussing biological aspects in a desi household, it is something which one may call as a ‘conservative’ approach. We are not taught about a lot of biological details (maybe because it is not natural???) and leave it for the kids to learn it on their own.

No Wonder Why Girls Are Asked Stupid Questions Such As ‘Roza Rakha Hai?’ EVERY YEAR!

With this perception, there comes a lot of embarrassing moments, especially for a desi boy when he asks these questions.

Similar to this is what happened with Mohammed Hussain, a guy from England who had no idea why his bhaabi wasn’t fasting. Here’s how Hussain narrated a hilarious incident:

Here’s How It Begins

Grand Iftaari Scene



For The Love Of Biryani

Hahahaha The Same Woman!

Here’s The Best Part LOLOLOLOLOL


Yes Please!

Hussain might be too young to know any of this, but the grown up men who ask these questions are hella annoying! Spread this message for all these young lads to find out why they shouldn’t be asking such questions.

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