This Guy’s Idea For A Movie Based On Current Events Of Pakistan Is The Most Interesting Thing You’ll Read Today!

Twitter is known to be the home of Pakistan’s wittiest and intellectual most accounts and one Pakistani has proven this statement as absolute true with his idea of a Pakistani movie. The different thing about this movie is that it is based on the current chaotic events happening in our country since the past few days.

Meet @XilleIlahi – The Guy Bring You The Future Of Pakistan In His Movie Called “Mere Mutabiq



Here’s How It Begins

The Special Camera Effects, Thanks To Our Media

Sabse Pehle Aapne Ye Khabar Kaha Dekhi?

Ahh. The Irony!

Because PTI Can Do This…


Finally Woke Up From His Sleep?

Upon talking to Parhlo, @XilleIlahi said that he made this thread for 3 main reasons:

1) He had too much green tea.

2) His compatriots were being idiots on Twitter as always, with their exceeding judgementalism and too little empathy.

3) You may refer back to point 1.

On a serious note, here’s what he told us: “Essentially the idea was that everyone wants everything to be about them and their agenda. And we don’t give up the opportunity to air our bigotry no matter what is going on. So even when the greatest calamity of all time will come, in this example qayamat, we’ll all be going on about Panama and Kaafir and dhandli and the like.”

Putting all the cups of green tea aside, as bizarre as the movie idea is, we have a feeling it would prove to be a huge success. The script is everything that is wrong with Pakistan and right with the execution.

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