A Guy Moving from LHR to KHI asks People for Advice and the Replies He got Are Unbelievable

A Guy Moving from LHR to KHI asks People for Advice and the Replies He got Are Unbelievable

Lahore vs Karachi, Karachi vs Lahore is a huge debate and no, we are not going to discuss it today. In fact never, folks. Some guy on a social network asked people some good advice to help him move and settle in Karachi. Talking about the megacity, the dramatic change is really considerable. Life in Karachi is always happening. It’s fast-paced and anything can happen at any time. Not to forget, you always have a plethora of opportunities here in this city.

Now, this guy asked Pakistanis to offer good advice on how to get around the city…

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He wrote:

Hello everyone.

I recently moved from Lahore to Karachi. I live close to sea view.

  1. What are some places that I should check out?
  2. Where can I find live music? On weekdays and otherwise.
  3. Where can I find 5/7-a-side football at night, preferably around 9-10 pm and during the week.
  4. Are there any facebook groups/pages which share events going around the city?
  5. How does one go about making friends in this city?


Here’s the original post by him:

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Now, people did not spare a single chance to come up with some really interesting replies here

Some found it interesting that why would someone move from Lahore to Karachi. I mean, Lahore has Metro bus. COME ON!

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Dear Lord! This is a cracker… Any Karachiite can resonate with the not-so-good humorous content here. Well, Al-Asif square is a place where you’re most likely to get robbed or get your pockets picked by thieves and sometimes something else too… Shsh.

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Hill Park! How can you forget Hill Park! Karachiites are making it really hard for this guy to form an opinion about our city, don’t they? Just by the way, what happens at Hill Park?

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A typical opinion people have for Karachi. Come on, this joke is so 2011!

Finally! Someone with something meaningful.

Karachi-hater spotted!

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Welcome to our city, bro.

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