A Guy Harassed A Girl On Facebook And She Refused To Succumb To His Threats

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My account was hacked two days ago. When I opened my messenger, someone had sent several messages, while pretending to be me, to girls in my friend list. Screenshot of one such conversation is posted below.

I apologized to everyone for the inconvenience and immediately changed my password. My account was hacked again and the same person sent a request to his own account through mine and then messaged me. Screenshots of that are also posted below.


After reading the extremely threatening and unreasonable messages, I blocked the person and changed my password again. He, again, hacked my account through a fake account. Due to fear of the unknown, I immediately blocked that account too and deactivated my account…for a day.

Today, I realized that deactivating will NOT stop this person from sending threatening messages to other girls (He had done the same to a friend of mine). Everyone must know that such people should be punished and not encouraged by the victims that tend to succumb to their demands and shallow tactics.

Today, I have decided that I will NOT give in to being cyber bullied and will NOT give up my right to use a social platform freely and securely.

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