This Guy Gave an Epic Shut up Call to his Relatives Who Kept Forcing Him To Get Married!

The culture in sub-continent is beautiful. There is no doubt in that. The versatility and hospitality that we have here show in our culture from all aspects. Probably, that’s the very reason why we see similarities in the culture surrounding us. But that one topic which is constant in the culture in the sub-continent is, “marriage”. Yeah! We get how it feels like to be questioned by our awkward and annoying relatives with, “When are you getting married?” Urrgh! This makes anyone question their existence. Why were they sent to earth?! Shaadi karne k liye?

In our culture, it is believed that there is a specific age for both men and women to get married, which actually becomes more of a duty to perform than a willing personal commitment. And, God forbid, if someone decides to not marry by the age which is set by our society, then only God can save the person from all the taunts and questions.

Something similar happened recently. An Indian guy named Nikhil Malik got annoyed by all the questions from relatives and decided to make a move to shut all of them down. He planned a photo shoot which took approximately 2 hours to capture and execute the whole idea. He is SAVAGEEE!!!

Nikhil and Nikhil


Take my hand and we’ll travel the world. All alone. 😀 *chuckles*


Nikhil Malik,28-years-old who is a music producer, lives in India and got fed up with all the questions about why he didn’t get married by now. Also, when you have gari, bangla, bank balance, then why not a dulhan?! Akhir q Nikhil? He then came up with this idea of a photo shoot with himself. Nikhil said:

“We ended up brainstorming and came up with this fun shoot to basically shut every Indian relatives’ mouth by saying that you don’t need to be with someone to make yourself happy, you are enough!

“Me time” couldn’t be pictured in a better way!


I like myself so much, I ended up marrying myself. O M G!


Well done! The message that Nikhil tried to convey through this funny photo shoot is that you actually don’t need anyone to be happy and prospering. YOU can be sufficient for yourself and enjoy life like anyone would do. Marriage is an important and crucial decision in life and if it had to last a lifetime, then taking ample time to make the move of getting married is not harmful at all.

What do you people think of Nikhil’s idea? Share your views in the comments below and tag your friends who at the “right” age of getting married.

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