A Man From Karachi Tried To Blackmail His Ex-Girlfriend.. What Her Husband Did After Finding Out Was Unexpected!

Ever heard of ‘apnay pair pe khud kulhari maarna’? Well, this guy from Pakistan’s metropolis did quite the same. It is rightly said that no matter what you do or where you go if your intentions are negative, nothing can change that for you. Well, this guy from Pakistan’s metropolis is a living example of how far the sick minded people can go.

According to the reports, Shoaib, a guy from Karachi’s Federal B area who happens to work abroad came back for a visit. Keeping everything aside his desperate intentions urge him to call his ex-girlfriend who turned out to be married. The guy after knowing her status still tried to convince her to meet him and sleep with him and when the girl gave him the final ‘NO’ call he started blackmailing her.

Shoaib threatened his ex-girlfriend that he’ll send all the pictures and videos from when they were a couple to her husband. The scared girl told everything to her husband about Shoaib which lead the matter to the cyber crime department. The husband in anger went to the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) Cyber Crime and told everything.

The FIA instantly took action against the guy, arrested him and released his basic information and images to the media. He was in the headlines of some of the major news channels in Pakistan which humiliated him in his surroundings. Recent reports are that Shoaib is currently out on bail and has to attend every court hearing.

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This guy chose the wrong path to fame.

The story went viral on social media and the Pakistani awaam praised FIA’s efforts. Here’s a thread related to the story on Twitter. Check it out!

Apparently, Shoaib lives in this guy’s neighborhood and you need to check out the thread!

The blackmailing part!

The final moments of joy for Shoaib!

The FIA did a splendid job in getting its hands on the culprit in no time. It’s not the first harassment case and can’t even say it to be the last but the concerned authorities should look into this issue and resolve it once and for all. Let’s hope this media coverage serves as an example for other sick minds prevailing in our society.

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