This Guy Explains The Culture Of Couch Casting In Pakistan And It Is Absolutely Disgusting!

Often we hear stories like, “you have to perform certain favors when you are a part of the entertainment industry.” What many of us don’t realize is that these stories, in all honesty, are not just for dramas and films – they happen in reality as well.

In Pakistan, bribery and ‘connections’ help you in reaching places. Aside from these two vile acts, offering sexual favors is another way to climb the ladder of success.

Meet Majid Khan – The Guy Who Wanted To Become An Actor, But Was Thrown Off Because He Was Told To Perform Sexual Favors

Twitter: Comics By Majid

Here’s how Majid narrated his story on Twitter:

Imagine His Excitement And Dreams!

Note: The guy was young who had great ambitions. Little did he know what will happen next!

All Because The Boy Wanted To Fulfil His Dream Of Becoming An Actor

Here’s How Premi Started ‘Teaching’ The Boy All The ‘Efforts’ He Needs To Exert To Be A Part of The Industry


Firstly, it’s pretty courageous of Majid to even share this story with hundreds of readers. People usually don’t like to talk about such horrible acts, but if it helps in educating someone and making them cautious of the vile things that exist in this world, the topic needs to be discussed.

Secondly, what Majid faced might not be normally present in the industry – there are rotten tomatoes in every batch and perhaps Majid was the unlucky one who had to experience this. However, acts like these do exist and people need to be aware of them.

The culture of couch casting exists – one needs to be extremely careful!

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