This Guy Pulling off a Hassan Ali-style Celebration Looks Absolutely LIT

Hassan Ali’s celebration has become a big sensation among Pakistanis. One of the highlights of ICC Champions Trophy 2017 must not only remain the emphatic victories, big scores tallying on the scoreboard, centuries, big sixes and of course dismissals, and not to forget the celebrations. A new trend is following among athletes where they perform signature movements while they celebrate an important event.

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You can count Cristiano Ronaldo doing his signature celebration after scoring every goal, you also saw Rumman Raees pulling off a spectacular one and Hassan Ali also joined the bandwagon of iconic celebrations. Indeed, his celebration is adored by millions of cricket fans around the world. Every time he dismisses a batsman, he not only leaves us awestruck by the spectacular delivery but we also go crazy about the way he celebrates afterward. Since it got well famous among people, we managed to find a guy who actually pulled it off after receiving his degree!

Check it out!

Boy, oh boy! What a crazy moment for him! Receiving your degree is easily one of the best times in life. It’s the very certificate that you receive after putting behind years and years of drama, scandals, and everything that happened with you in your Unversity. There cannot be a perfect moment to do such a celebration.

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It’s cool how he waited to pull it off. The best part is that somebody actually captured it and now we are having a good laugh over it. Man, tell me how many times did you repeat the video? It’s also a fact to keep in mind that how our national cricketers are getting popular among people. Hassan Ali’s celebration certainly stands as something you can rejoice over and over again. It reminds you of all the great deliveries he bowled leading to the great dismissals. Even it made its way into memes and banter over the Internet. I am sure you must have heard the one where they said that it looks like he’s turning on an electricity generator…

Well guys, do you like the way this guy celebrated? Tell me how tempted are you to pull it off on any occasion?

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