This Story of a Guy Buying Eid Gifts for a Single Mother Shows the True Spirit of Muslim Ummah!

Eid is right around the corner and our preparations are in full swing. Every Eid, people haste earnestly towards making it an extravagant affair with their preparations. The festival of Eid is nothing like anything and it sets the true spirit of happiness for people.

We meet people, we share happiness, we have great food and remain altogether active. After a month-long commitment to your faith in Ramadan, Eid appears to be the perfect break. We get largely excited with our preparations and majorly invest in outfits to wear. Meanwhile, scrolling down our timeline, we stumbled upon a story where a guy bought Eid gifts for a single mother who came to a market to buy Eid gifts for her kids.

Here’s how the story unfolds…

He noticed the family and this is where it all began.

Source: The Humorist

He saw what the mother was forced to do and she chose to sacrifice her own stuff for the happiness of her kids. Such a great mother who sets a good example here.

Source: The Humorist

What a great gesture by this guy here. He offered to pay what for what the single had to leave behind. He showed genuine kindness and a personification of top character here.

Source: The Humorist

He’s absolutely right about it. The shopkeeper showed immense kindness here as well. This is so refreshing to read, seriously.

Source: The Humorist

Such a great story of human values. Our religion teaches us to be on top of our human values and look after one another. Surely, there is no greater happiness than reaching for someone and making them happy in any way you could. This guy sets a great example out here and we intended to bring this unique story out to maximum people so that we grow to inspire.

Isn’t it a beautiful story?

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