This Guy Bluntly Questions A Police Officer In Karachi Who Was Riding A Bike Without Helmet!

The traffic rules in our country are often changing. During Eid days, we see that the traffic police bans three people riding on a bike and on the usual days, there is no check and balance. On the other hand, the police fines people who are driving while talking on the phone, who are not wearing a seat belt or the bikers who are not wearing a helmet.


While the laws are applied for the safety of the riders, there are some odd days when the biker faces some issue and forgets to wear a helmet. However, these traffic policemen do not take no for an answer and fine people, mainly students, anyway.

On the contrary, we have seen a number of traffic policemen and other policemen who are driving their rides without the “safety measures” govern for the general public. However, there is no check and balance on these “officials” now, is it?

Daniyal Naqvi, a Karachiite highlighted this matter by questioning an office who was seen driving his bike without a helmet. Daniyal made a video where the officer refused to answer his concerns. Here’s the video:

“So today 22-11-2016 , i found this Officer at COD, Karachi ,as we all know now a days its strictly a chalan of 1000 rupees whoever rides a bike without helmet. So who is going to do a chalaan for these fucking law ignorant people who thinks that the law is there bitch .

Idk how long these people will keep playing with us when they cannot obey the law. Sharing this video with you all may be there might be someone who will ask this man “

Daniyal Naqvi even mentioned the number plate of the officer’s motorbike in order to make sure that actions are taken against him.

Conclusively, the traffic police are always on their toes when it comes to fining us. They even charge us “extra” for their own benefits. But the question is, who will monitor these officials who fine us in the name of “law” but do not follow it themselves?


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