Authorities Sleep As Mobile Snatchers Take Life Of A Newly-Married Man In Karachi

authorities sleep snatchers life man

WARNING: Some viewers may find the content of this story disturbing. Viewer discretion is advised.

Tragedy strikes again while authorities sleep as snatchers take the life of a man in Karachi. While terrorism and target killing have been controlled to a greater extent; there are incidents here and there that tend to shock and break us to say the least.

Sadly though, a newly-married man loses his life as authorities sleep and two unknown gunmen snatchers shot him point-blank in broad daylight yesterday and took his life. The CCTV footage has captured the video of the two men as they brutally murder the man in cold blood and flee away from the spot.

Simultaneously, what is even more saddening and upsetting is that no report or official authorities have looked into the case as yet.

It is truly shocking to see how easily the lives of innocent hang by thread, while such murdering monsters lurk about freely. Many people are also questioning the actual authorities for being missing and letting such a horrific incident occur.

Luckily though, since the faces of the two gunmen faces have been captured in the CCTV footage, arresting these two is likely. The police has confirmed that the victim was a resident of Muneeb Korangi.

authorities sleep snatchers life man
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In addition, the poor man had tied the knot just a month ago. Simultaneously, since the investigation has now started, preliminary reports suggest, the incident was an outcome of resistance to mobile-snatching.

However, the police is now looking into the matter and have also started collecting material for forensics after collecting the bullet.

Social media is enraged with the brutality of street crime!

This isn’t the first incident to have occurred in Karachi. In fact, there was a time when target killing had reached to a peak; hence the killing streets in Karachi have tumultuous trend since then.

People on the internet are demanding for the culprits to be arrested immediately and strictly punished.

Some are also in complete horror seeing that humanity dies again in the name of greed and lust!

People are also questioning the government officials and the respective authorities to look into the case immediately.

It is sad to see that anyone can lose their life over a simple and materialistic product.

At the end, the police has assured that the accused will be arrested and justice will prevail. However, our question is how many more lives have to be lost; before this ‘justice’ actually prevails?

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