Another Transgender Activist Shot Dead In Peshawar & Pakistanis Have Had Enough

Another Transgender Activist Shot Dead In Peshawar & Pakistanis Have Had Enough

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Islam is all about humanity. It gives fundamental human rights to everyone without any discrimination, including transgenders. Our forefathers also built Pakistan on Islamic principles. However, many in the country do not follow Islamic assertions.

Recently, someone shot a transgender, named, Gul Panra in Peshawar. As a result, she left for the heavenly abode. Primarily, she was a trans activist and had done a lot for the transgender community.

As per reports, a brutal being shot 6 times and Gul Panra succumbed to injuries. Imagine, the community, which is already suffering are being killed.

In Pakistan, certain religious zealots, motivated with obvious reasons do not hesitate to kill such people. To clarify, Islam has proscribed killing anyone without a genuine reason. In addition, in the Quran, Allah says, “Whosoever killed a person … it shall be as if he had killed all mankind” (5:32).

Furthermore, reports on social media claim that Gul Panra accompanying another transgender were coming back from a function when a ruthless armed person shot her six times. Besides, the other transgender, Chahat is critical. Chahat is currently admitted in the Khyber Teaching Hospital.

People rushed Gul Panra to Sherpao Hospital. However, she left the world on her way.

Not the first time

It is not the first time this happened to transgenders in Pakistan. In July, some felons shot a transgender named Beenish in Islamabad. They shot Beenish at sector E-11 in the federal area of Islamabad.

Moreover, in May 2020, someone killed a trans person in the Rohtas Fort area, Jhelum. Furthermore, the killer threw his body into the well. However, Rescue 1122 shifted the dead body to the district hospital.

Furthermore, earlier, some ruthless beings gang-raped and murdered a 15-year-old Christian transgender in Faisalabad. Consequently, activist Shaan Taseer asked While Shireen Mazari for Justice. “Your [Shireen Mazari] urgent intervention is required to reassure us that Pakistan is for all,” he said.

‘Injustice leads to anarchy’

‘Please let every human live’

‘Don’t show your masculinity over the poor and weak’

‘Our responsibility as citizens is to support Police & Justice System.’

Above all, Islam, the religion of peace prohibits killing anything that has life, even animals, let alone humans. Hopefully, the police will apprehend the killers to serve justice.

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