Gul Bukhari’s Hateful Tweet About ‘Kashmir Hour’ Has Forced Pakistanis To Lash Out With Anger!

Carrying an important stance on the Kashmir issue, Pakistan is handling the brutal wildfire with extreme maturity. The spreading cruelty in Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK) after the tyrant Narendra Modi abrogated the region’s own separate status, Prime Minister Imran Khan has called out to stand firm with the Kashmiri brethren in solidarity making them feel protected. Since Pakistan under PM Imran Khan’s leadership has cleared the world that it will help Kashmir get freedom, the nation has also shown esteemed support.

Pakistanis observed ‘Kashmir hour’ to show solidarity with the oppressed Kashmiris!

On Friday, today, Pakistanis stood in solidarity with the oppressed Kashmiris all over the country for half an hour. This happened because PM Imran Khan, earlier this week, urged the nation to take out at least half an hour every week to show their support for the Kashmiri brethren. Carrying a totally negative stance about Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI) and its leadership, Pakistani journalist and columnist Gul Bukhari once again tried to throw dirt on PTI government which apparently, backfired really bad.

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Here’s what Gul Bukhari posted on her Twitter!

Posting a video from Islamabad, Gul Bukhari called the current government ‘fraud and destructive‘ for blocking the roads. Politically victimizing a totally opposite measure, the journalist tried to portray a stance in support of the working class. As soon as the tweet went up, Pakistanis tightly schooled Gul Bukhari and it sure is a sign of a woke nation.

No wonder why these so-called journalists go abroad at needed times!

Announced a week earlier, everyone knew about the solidarity movement!

Say good or don’t say at all!

This guy from Karachi’s Lyari totally owned Gul Bukhari!

Traitor as always!

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The fact that will never be shared from such foul-mouthed journalists is that among other countries of the world, it’s only Pakistan which is putting in sheer efforts to help Kashmiris and is standing against Indian brutality. Under PM Imran Khan’s sensible leadership, the Pakistani nation has set an example for other major Muslim states who are completely silent over India’s vicious activities going on in IOK. Keeping the solidarity movement in notice, Pakistan will definitely stand firm with Kashmir till it gets freedom from India’s illegal occupation.

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