A Step-By-Step Guide To File Your Income Tax In Pakistan

A Step-By-Step Guide To File Your Income Tax In Pakistan

Income Tax In Pakistan

The Federal Board of Revenue’s (FBR) deadline to file income tax returns is December 8, 2020. Are you all set to pay your taxes like a law-abiding citizen of Pakistan? We cannot hear you loud!

It seems, many of you are still overwehlmed by the process it takes to file income tax returns.

As a citizen of Pakistan, it is our duty to file our income tax returns. Just don’t think that your employer has deducted it so why should you bother! You are already paying taxes through indirect means or who cares in Pakistan!

Rather, you should know that by filing income tax returns, you can avail better than usual services at airports, excise offices. You can buy a new car at a lower price. Also, you can have a minimal withholding tax on all your banking transactions.

Filing your tax returns and wealth statement is beneficial for both you and your government. So, here’s how you can start doing so in 2020.

Step-by-step guide

Step 1: Know FBR’s instructions

Before we get to how to register online as a tax filer and submit your returns. It is important to go through the FBR’s recent instructions on how to file your tax return. Also, have a look at the tax slabs for the salaried person for tax year 2020/2021.

Step 2: Registration at FBR e-enrollment system online

Register yourself with FBR and start filing your tax returns online. To get enrolled, you only need to click on “registration for unregistered person” or “e-enrollment for registered person”. It will ask for your CNIC number and phone number (registered under your own name).

Step 3: Prepare & submit your tax documents

Once signed up, you’ll see a few categories on the left. Go to the registration document in the draft folder and fill it. Once done, submitted it. FBR will confirm your account. You will be able to submit your tax returns and wealth statements.

If going online is not an option for you, then you can manually file your returns on paper at Taxpayer Facilitation Counters of your respective Regional Tax Office. Paper Return Form can be downloaded from FBR’s website. You can also file your tax return through ‘Tax Asaan App.’

Your income tax returns will not be entertained if…

  • CNIC is missing or incorrect or invalid
  • Mandatory fields marked by * are empty
  • Returns are not signed by the taxpayer or his/her representative (as defined in section 172 of the Income Tax Ordinance, 2001)
  • Returns are not filed in the prescribed form and format

Please note that this is just a guide and is not meant to be used as an exhaustive resource.

So, just don’t wait and start filing your income tax returns before the FBR’s deadline of December 8 approaches.

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