Guard kills foreigners in Kabul hospital

At least three foreigners have been killed by a security guard at an international hospital in the Afghan capital, Kabul, Afghan security sources say.

“Unfortunately, we have an incident in which three foreign nationals were killed by a security guard and one medic has been wounded,” an Interior Ministry official said. “The shooter is wounded and is in police custody.”

Hafiz Khan, district police chief, said the guard suddenly started shooting on Thursday morning in Cure Hospital in the west of the capital, according to AP news agency.

Khan says the attacker was a member of the Afghan Police Protection Force assigned to guard the hospital, which specialises in children’s medicine.

“He was a guard, he has shot doctors here. One foreign doctor is dead,” said a doctor who was treating the wounded at the Cure International hospital, according to AFP news agency.

The shooting is the latest attack on foreign civilians in Afghanistan after the bombing of a popular restaurant in January and an attack on an upscale hotel in March.

It also follows the shooting of two Associated Press staff by a police officer in the country’s east this month.

First Published in Aljazeera, April 24th, 2014.

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