‘Don’t Mess With Chai’ Clap Backs The World Over This Gross Chai Making Video!

'Don't Mess With Chai' Clap Backs The World Over This Gross British Chai Making Video!

If there is one thing Pakistanis are undivided about it is chai. But this TikToker has taken upon himself to infuriate not only chai lovers in Pakistan but those around the globe!

Chai is scared to all those who consume it enriching goodness. Making chai is an art that people take pride in.

Making Chai is an art which unfortunately these Goras are not blessed with.

Hell Hath no fury like a chai lover scorned!

The video captioned ‘How to destroy a British person in 15 seconds’ boiling the blood of all since its appearance on social media.

The unforgivable TikTok video has crossed over 730,000 views and giving every chai lover nightmares for days!

It begins with hot water being poured in a mug before a generous serving of milk is added.

Next comes the sugar and finally, the teabag, which is dunked in for an unimaginable few seconds before it is removed barbarically, leaving the ‘tea’ the most disappointing shade we’ve ever seen.


To make matters worst he proceeds to add a chocolate biscuit in the nasty concoction.

See the whole nasty poison prepared here:

@x_justkidding_xHow to kill a British person in 15 seconds… ##tea ##cupoftea ##fypg ##foryoupagе ##foryou ##british ##london♬ EastEnders Theme – New BBC TV Version 2009 – The Simon May Orchestra

More than 7,500 people commented on the video, saying the method has broken their hearts into a million pieces.

One viewer said: “No, no, no, this should be illegal!”

If the idea was to anger the chai lovers worldwide, well congratulations! you won this round big time!

But people never make chai like this again! Pakistanis would be more than happy giving you a 101 crash course on how to make the perfect chai.

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