Wedding Cancels After Groom’s Father & Bride’s Mother Run Away To Rekindle Old Love

Groom Father Bride Mother Run Away

Indian weddings never disappoint when it comes to extravagance and plenty of drama, humor, and suspense. In a dramatic twist of events, a long-awaited wedding of a couple in Gujrat was drawn to a halt when the father and mother of the groom and bride ran away together in a bid to rekindle their lost love.

The couple, who has been engaged for a year now, was supposed to tie the knot in the second week of Feb. Meanwhile, the 48-year-old father of the groom and the 46-year-old mother of the bride decided to run away together.

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The marriage of son and daughter of the eloped couple, which was fixed on February 13, was canceled. Family sources said preparations were on in full swing when the father of the groom allegedly eloped and run away with the mother of the bride. The bride’s father is a diamond artisan and broker and both the families belong to the same community.

Old love rekindles

According to the sources, 25 years ago, the groom’s father, now 43, who was from poor economic background, had an affair with a woman from a rich family. The woman’s family was against the relationship and she was married to someone else. The man also married another woman.

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The man reportedly met the woman, now 41, again at a funeral around one year ago. By then their children were grown up and the man sent a marriage proposal of his son to the daughter of the woman.

The girl and boy met and got engaged around eight months ago, following which the families agreed to the marriage. Both the families used to visit each other’s house and the couple met regularly. They were also in touch on social media, according to family sources.

Dramatic twist

A few days before their elopement, the woman’s husband learned about their relationship and had warned her, said police. Seeing no way out, the businessman, father of two sons, eloped with the woman, mother of two girls and a boy, on Jan 10, police said.

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Before eloping, the businessman called up his friend and informed him about the same and requested him to take his bike home from a spot. The friend reached the spot and informed police. However, police failed to trace the couple.

Days after their elopement, the two appeared before the police on Sunday night. In her statement, the woman said she went on her wish. Her husband who reached the police station along with her parents, refused to take her back home. Police then sent her with her parents.

The businessman’s statement was also recorded before letting him go. His wife, his younger brother and son were present in the police station.

In another dramatic wedding, a bride who got into a violent argument with her groom ended up marrying her cousin in India. A recent wedding also witnessed a peculiar turn of events when the ex-boyfriend of a bride crashed the wedding and put sindoor forcibly on her head.

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