The Grass Is Greener Somewhere Else

Grass Is Greener

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This submission has been written by Neelma Hassan.

Look inside

I was sitting in my university lawn with my friends. We were doing some quick reading before going for exams inside our classes.

We were sitting in the lawn at top University, in a neat and clean environment, just as I used to see in telly. I was always fascinated by such scenes, thinking how lucky these people are.


Why was I not able to enjoy this time, when it was mine???

It was our American literature exam. I came across a sentence, it got stuck to my mind, it was about one of the characters that he always thought “The grass was greener somewhere else.”

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Grass is greener

This sentence looked so relevant to me because it was the answer to my question. I realized, why was I not able to enjoy my own life??? 

We think that other people must be living a life full of joy every day. Then we judge their lives by the statuses they update.

Again, we think that the people living in big, fancy houses must be living dream lives, we think that the people living in the villages, in small houses would be living peaceful and contented lives, full of love and satisfaction.

When we are students, we envy the independent people, but when we are independent we envy those who do not have to worry about earning but they only have to study.

We want a separate house but when we get one, then we feel lonely,

We want to have a job but when we get one, then we want to be like those who are sitting home, living married lives, with their kids, and spouse. But when getting married, I am pretty sure we will miss these days, when we were living our lives just for us, crying and hungry kids weren’t there to wake us up from sleep.

It reminded me of a Hadith by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH),

Which means that we have to value things before losing them. Otherwise, we will live either in the past or in the future without enjoying our present. The time we are living right now is truly a present if we live in it. Inshallah.

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