PIA Crash: Officials Handover Body Of Zain Polani’s Son To A Wrong Family

zain polani

Zain Polani, along with his wife Sara Asif and their three children, had passed away in the recent PK-8303 PIA plane crash. After almost 15 days of the crash, the Polani family has found the bodies of some of their loved ones. However, due to government negligence, one of the son’s bodies of Zain Polani was handed over to the wrong family.

One of the family members, Kumail Polani raised the issue on Twitter. He said Zain Polani and his wife were buried a week ago but the bodies of their children weren’t identified. Yesterday they found the bodies of two of their sons but one body, Kumail was told, had been handed over to a wrong family.

However, Kumail is now lashing out at the government’s negligence and demanding an investigation into the issue.

Moreover, actress Mahira Khan has also condemned government ‘unforgivable’ negligence.

Zain Polani worked as the Head of Credit Cards and Personal Loans at Standard Chartered Bank (SCB). On the other hand, his wife, a lecturer at IBA was doing her Ph.D. from London. Sara along with their 3 kids were returning from London to their home city of Karachi when the incident happened.

People remembered how cheerful Zain was, and students remembered how intellectual Sara was.

PIA aircraft traveling from Lahore to Karachi crashed near Jinnah International Airport on May 22. An Airbus plane with 99 on-board crashed into a residential area while approaching the airport. Only two passengers survived the crash.


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