WATCH: PTI Govt Providing Free Ration To Pakistanis Even In Dubai

Government of Pakistan providing ration in Dubai

The Pakistani government is trying tooth and nail to resolve the crisis of COVID-19. There is a lockdown in the country and the businesses are at a standstill. Not only Pakistanis in the country but those residing abroad are facing a crisis. But the PTI-led government seems to be helping Pakistanis even abroad.

A Pakistani man, working and residing in Dubai, shared a video on social media to show how the Pakistani government was looking after them, and he is surprised.


Government of Pakistan providing ration in Dubai

Source: Twitter

The viral video is about how the Pakistani Embassy Dubai is providing rations to Pakistanis living in Dubai. The guy in the video narrated how they got one bag from the embassy.

“The Pakistani Embassy in Dubai is providing one ration bag to one person which includes sanitizer, milk, wheat, grains, rice, and oil, etc,” he said.

The viral video

The Pakistan man couldn’t help but praise the government in the video. He also said the TV media was not showing this side of the government. In another video, he also praised Prime Minister Imran Khan and said, “I don’t regret voting for Imran Khan in the elections.”

A video showcasing the consulate

Meanwhile, people also reacted to the video on social media and lauded the PTI government.

It spreads happiness

Everyone is proud

Really for the first time

Consulate is also sending texts to help the needy ones

Government of Pakistan providing ration in Dubai

Source: Twitter

Prime minister Imran Khan has already made it clear that he is against a complete lockdown in the country as people will suffer. Therefore, he has also made a tiger force and launched Prime Minister’s COVID-19 Pandemic Relief Fund-2020. PM’s tiger force will help provide rations to daily wagers and those affected economically by the pandemic.

“I want our youth to play their role in helping our fight against the COVID 19 by joining our Corona Tiger Force which will be organized to do jihad against the suffering caused by this pandemic”, PM Imran had said in a message on Twitter.


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