People Of Sindh Demand Governor’s Resignation After ‘Ethnic’ Remarks

governor Sindh Imran Ismail

Governor Sindh Imran Ismail is in strain for both his coronavirus infection and from people of Sindh. Recently, the governor blamed Sindhi people to for his COVID-19 infection.

While giving an interview to the private news channel Ismail talked about how he contracted the novel coronavirus.

“People of Interior Sindh have not been educated about the virus, the governor said.” Moreover, he said, “During my visit, they came very close to me due to which I contracted coronavirus.”

governor Sindh Imran Ismail

Source: Twitter

Moreover, a day before getting diagnosed with coronavirus, Imran Ismail himself breached the recommendations of the government to not contact aged people. Furthermore, in discussion to a private channel, Ismail said: “I had iftar with my mother, a day before testing positive for coronavirus. Now all my family members including my mother will be tested for coronavirus.”

People Demanding His Resignation

Following his comments, “People of Interior Sindh have not been educated about the virus, people are demanding his resignation. Besides, many are asking about the governor’s own education. In addition, some are showing their qualification on social media platforms to prove that they are not illiterate. However, the governor said they “are not educated about the virus.” Nevertheless, his comments severely irked teh sentiments of people living in Sindh.

A commercial Pilot asking the governor for his qualification.

The governor is only Inter pass?

Ah ow!

Matric Pass???

Has the governor dishonored the people?

Apology or resignation.

To conclude, people across Sindh are bashing the governor for his remarks. Furthermore, some are saying that the governor only talked about education related to coronavirus.
However, in whichever context he said, his statement has irked many. In short, people on social media are demanding his resignation.
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