Governor House, Lahore Hosts 500 Guests In Spite COVID-19 Outbreak!

Governor House Lahore Coronavirus

Amidst the Coronavirus epidemic, while the world has gone into self-quarantine, recently, more than 500 people attended a ceremony at the governor’s house in Lahore.

The Chief Minister (CM) and Governor both hosted the event. This purely shows a complete violation of Section 144. The imposed restriction enumerates that an interim ban on some public activities for an ephemeral period.

500 People Attend Ceremony At Governor House!

Owing to the lately posted tweet, the details further reveal pictures of nearly more than 500 people abrogating section 144 and the lawmakers, themselves violating the government orders of avoiding public interactions.

Governor House Lahore Coronavirus

Source: Twitter

This news clearly pissed people all over social media, as the government covets people to lodge indoors, and not to attend any social gatherings. But instead, the CM and Governor himself along with many other political dignities are busy in repudiating the same rules.

Nevertheless, with people bashing the CM and Governor, on one hand, the social media users are on the other hand praising Kasim Gillani. According to the tweets, it is known that the son of Former PM Asif Raza Gillani, Kasim has postponed his valima ceremony. Unquestionably, the event, which was about to take in the month of March is pigeonholed, circumventing any possibility of people getting infected in gatherings.

Here is the viral tweet!

Marine Corps Inaugurate Field Hospital For Coronavirus Patients at Expo Centre, Karachi!

As of now, the Sindh Government puts hands to establish the first Field Hospital at the Expo Center, Karachi. The basic agenda behind the hospital is catering to the drastically escalating Coronavirus patients.

According to Chief Minister Sindh, Murad Ali Shah: “On a request from the Sindh Government, the Medical Corps of the Pakistan Army has come forward to help us in the establishment of a field hospital. Nonetheless, it will have 10,000 beds at the Expo Centre Karachi to isolate and treat coronavirus patients. Furthermore, the Sindh government would bear all the expenses for the establishment of the facility.

Governor House Lahore Coronavirus

Source: Aljazeera

Following, CM Sindh Govt met the officials from the Medical Corps to discuss all the incumbent reforms that need to be taken care of. Firstly, the government proposed the distribution of 2,000,000 ration bags to the financially challenged.

Regarding the situation, the chief minister asserted: “With the closure of malls, and restaurants, as a partial lockdown. Undoubtedly, we have tried to slow down the spread of Coronavirus. So that necessary arrangements for establishing isolation centers can be made accordingly.

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