Govt Officer From D.I Khan Kills Dozens Of Rare ‘Rosy Starlings’ For Fun

A Government Official In D.I.Khan Mercilessly Hunts Rosy Starlings

In a bid to protect the wildlife in Pakistan, authorities have started taking strict actions against illegal hunting. However, this notion takes a complete turnaround where an influential individual is involved. A recent hunting incident in D.I. Khan proves that the law is different for ordinary citizens and senior government officials.

Not long ago, a hunting incident occurred in D.I. Khan where a man named Sajid, along with his friends had killed hundreds of sparrows in the Kulachi Tehsil. The news about the massacre broke out in a tweet by save the wild that showed hundreds of sparrows killed by a group of men.  After a social media uproar, the man that killed the sparrows has now been arrested for his cruel act.

Brutal hunting of Rosy starlings

After Sajid’s incident, another illegal hunting incident has been reported on twitter by save the wild. As per the tweet, a civil servant named Atiq Malana, who works as an assistant in DC office D.I.Khan, was proudly showing dozens of Rosy starlings he has hunted. 

Source: NYT

The tweet by save the wild stated: “Rosy starlings, considered a farmer’s friends are protected throughout Pakistan,but that status is seldom enforced with even civil servants involved in illegal hunting!Mr Atiq Malana works as an assistant in DC office D.I.KHAN and proudly shows dozens of starlings he has hunted.

Illegally.DC D.I.KHAN and KPK wildlife department are requested to take action against this man and make sure law is implemented regardless of somebody’s status in society and people are made aware of the protected status of these birds.”

Inefficiency towards protection of the wildlife

These illegal hunting incidents have been recurring in Pakistan. A hunting incident occurred in December 2019 when seven Qatari hunters were arrested for hunting Taloors in Balochistan. Four of them were from the Royal Qatari family. The latter came here with the intention of enjoying a hunting endeavor.

Watching images of insensitive humans mercilessly killing an animal can certainly shake people to the core. Such posts Pakistan are circulating throughout the social media. Such incidents are indeed making the common citizens of Pakistan extremely angry. However, a government official doing such an inhumane act shows the higher authorities have no concern about the preservation of wildlife in Pakistan.

It is alarming to note that Pakistan’s wildlife department isn’t strictly prohibiting people from illegally hunting the wildlife. The government of Pakistan must strict laws against such violators.

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