Government of Punjab Gave A Badass Response to Imran Khan Who Questioned the Work of PMLN

The political rivalry between PMLN and PTI is unquestionably one of the biggest in the current times. With Imran Khan trying everything to thrash Nawaz Sharif and Co. and PMLN stooping to involve Khan’s personal life with his political affiliations, the war continues rising.

On numerous occasions, Khan has stated how PMLN and Shahbaz Sharif have failed to address the medical needs in Lahore and in Punjab overall. While KPK has shared their achievements and continue doing so, Imran Khan flaunted how PMLN has ignored the medical importance of the locals.

With Khan Being Bold Enough to Question PMLN, the Party Showed Who the Boss Actually Is!

The Government of Punjab’s official Twitter handle made a thread of all the medical achievements PMLN has achieved since they gained power. They explicitly tagged Imran Khan and ask him to see this thread while giving a befitting response to him.

It Begins with the Recent Establishment of PKLI in Lahore, South Asia’s Biggest Kidney Centre

The Formation of 110 Hepatitis Clinics In DHQ and THQ

The Formation of the Biggest Children Hospital in Faisalabad

Pakistan’s First Ever Bone Narrow for Children Initiation in Lahore

25 New Burn Units Formation!

Two Agreements with Novartis Pharma

And The List Goes On!

Health Insurance in 4 Districts!

Mobile Units in Different Districts

Motorbike Ambulance Services in Different Cities

And More And More, And More!

And This is How they Ended their Thread…


Well, while no one is saying about giving the political parties a hard time, one should at least be well-informed when taking digs at the opposition. Imran Khan, while no one is questioning his job, could least know what he is talking about when attacking PMLN.



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