Government of Pakistan (GOP) to privatize all state-owned Enterprises (SOE)

Government of Pakistan (GOP) to privatize all state-owned Enterprises (SOE)
  • GOP to privatize SOEs. 
  • Privatization program 2024-2029, to be initiated.
  • GOP to primarily privatize loss-making SOEs.
  • Ministries; directed to present reviews of SOEs under them.
  • Bidding is to be televised live on PTV.
  • The focus is to facilitate private enterprises.
  • Strategic plans, not to be part of the privatization program.

In a meeting today, the GOP initiated the privatization program 2024-2029.

The Prime Minister of Pakistan, Shehbaz Sharif, scheduled a meeting today. The agenda was SOE’s privatization. Shehbaz green-lighted the privatization program 2024-2029.

Shehbaz informed that the initial focus of privatization will be loss-making SOEs. Shehbaz has directed all the relevant ministries to present reviews of SOEs under them. 

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Numerous ministers and secretaries were present at the meeting, including, the presence of the body of the privatization commission. The meeting included Muhammad Aurangzeb, Khawaja Asif, Jam Kamal Khan, Ahad Khan Cheema, Dr Musaddik Malik, and the coordinator of Shehbaz Rana, Ehsan Afzal. 

In a meeting on Monday, Muhammad Aurangzeb, Minister for Finance, directed all the ministers to submit proposals for SOEs under them. Muhammad Aurangzeb’s point was reinforced by Shahbaz today.

All the auctions for SOEs; will be televised live on PTV. Ensuring transparency and building confidence in the public. The government aims to privatize PIA. The auction will be televised live on PTV.

The primary focus will be on the loss-making SOEs. 

Strategic partnerships; will not be privatized. The decision; is to ensure, that the government’s interference remains present in strategic alliances, ensuring stability.

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