Govt Extends Lockdown In Pakistan Till April 30 With Little Relaxation

Government Lockdown Extends

The coronavirus pandemic has not only severely impacted health but global businesses and economies as well. Leading many world countries towards complete lockdown, the condition in Pakistan still spins out of control.

With the imposition of a strict lockdown in several areas of the metropolis, Karachi, the Sindh government is now ready for an extension. Certainly, the decision is taken after analyzing the worsening coronavirus situation in Pakistan and to control it from spreading further. For now, the government has extended the lockdown for another two weeks.

Pakistan under lockdown till April 30th

Constantly urging people to stay indoors, the government is making efforts to keep the citizens safe from the deadly coronavirus. According to the latest reports, the coronavirus tally in Pakistan has surpassed 5,000 and is drastically increasing with each passing day. However, neglecting the seriousness of the situation, citizens can be seen in large numbers on country roads.

Government Lockdown Extends

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As per the details, the decision to extend the lockdown has been taken with the mutual consent of the federal and provincial governments. However, the provincial authorities are independent as per Pakistan’s law to agree/disagree with the elected government. The meeting was held earlier at Prime Minister House in Islamabad with all the concerned bodies present.

Relief for the business community

Amidst the lockdown extension, the decision-makers have also revealed some relief to the business community. As the pandemic has resulted in huge economic and financial losses, the government has now created strategies to revive the situation.

Government Lockdown Extends

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Initially, the confirmation of extending the lockdown in Sindh till 30th April was given by the federal government. However, the provincial authorities requested time to analyze the conditions in their respective areas before commenting. Last week, the situation got worst in Karachi after a massive number of coronavirus cases erupted from different areas.

Escalating coronavirus situation in Karachi

Among the most affected areas were Gulshan e Iqbal and Saddar with the highest number of coronavirus patients. To curb the escalating situation, the Sindh government ordered to seal such areas completely to halt the outspread. However, the citizens were not satisfied with the implementation which resulted in defiance of orders and clashes with the police.

Government Lockdown Extends

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Apart from the rising tensions, this pandemic has definitely brought out the best in Pakistanis serving humanity these days. Among others, Pakistan’s cricket icon Shahid Afridi yet again stood tall to help the poor and needy. His recent decision of taking ration form brands instead of money was widely praised and supported on the internet.

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