7 Government Colleges In Karachi That Ensure A Student Is Prepared Right For The Future!

Government Colleges In Karachi

Education sure plays a vital part in building an individual’s initial character, making him worthy to defy odds in the future. If parents decide the best for their child since his start of the educational journey, it doesn’t become a hassle for them to pick a well-organized institute for his secondary studies. Carrying a heavy name in the education market, government institutes of Pakistan are always seen in a turmoil as the private sectors are gradually taking over their place in the current progressing society.

Government institutes which are giving tough competition to the private ones!

As the government schools being operated in the country tells the tale of abandoned learning, the colleges of the same stance are also being rejected by the masses. Fortunately, among other private colleges minting hefty money from parents in the name of education, some government-owned institutes are making sure to provide a much better learning environment in a minimal amount of money. Following is the list of some government colleges of Karachi that make a worthy individual.

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Top 7 government colleges operating in Karachi!

1. Dayaram Jethamal (DJ) Sindh Government Science College, Karachi: Continuing to teach its students the right way and helping them in their future development, this college has been serving the education sector since the late ’80s. Commonly known as DJ Science College, this institute is always seen in the list of students who are thinking of pursuing the science field further. Located in Karachi’s Saddar area, the college grabbed the second spot in this year’s list of top intermediate colleges of Karachi.


2. Bamm P.E.C.H.S Government College For Women, Karachi: Located in Shahrah e Faisal area of Karachi, this college is specifically for girls with every facility available within. Bamm College for Women has certainly set the educating criteria a bit high as compared to other colleges working in the metropolis. This institute is also ranked fifth in the list of best intermediate colleges, 2019 of Karachi outcasting many others because of its facilitative environment.

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3. Adamjee Government Science College, Karachi: Adamjee is one of the biggest and the oldest educational groups working in Pakistan for the security of the future generation. With top-notch facilities and experienced teaching faculty, the college has been creating many talented individuals since its inception. Adamjee College of the city was also ranked first in 2019’s list of top colleges existing in the city and is located in the Garden East area.


4. Saint Lawrence Government Girls Degree College, Karachi: In this era, when the parents are mainly concerned about their child’s security, this college is considered to be adhering with its policies to the core. ‘Only for girls’ Saint Lawrence College is situated in Amil Colony near Jamshed Quarters, Karachi and is the institute that parents can trust regarding their daughter’s personal and future development. The college holds a good fifth position in this year’s best colleges list.


5. Government Dehli College, Karachi: Holding a vast course outline along with every required facility, this college in Karachi came in at third spot in the best colleges ranking of 2019. Government Delhi College is located in the city’s Federal B area with a well-maintained name in the education sector. The practical learning that a student endures here, helps in facing the challenges ahead of his time.


6. SMB Fatima Jinnah Government Girls Degree College, Karachi: Widely famous because of the famous Pakistani singer and humanitarian Shehzad Roy’s affiliation with this college, its well-maintained education standard separates it from the rest. This institute only gives admissions to girls following its long created policies. Fatima Jinnah College is situated in the Garden West area of Karachi wearing the ‘quality education provider’ crown in the concerned sector.


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7. Government Degree College Malir Cantt., Karachi: Among the best colleges of Karachi 2019 ranking, Government Degree College of Karachi stands firm at number seven. For all the science lovers, this institute can serve as a forward key as it prepares the student for upcoming life challenges and its high percentage result helps in getting admission in a well-known university. Located n Malir Cantt area of the metropole, this college is definitely the place to be.

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