Here’s How Mortality Motivation Can Help You with Rejections and Failures in Life

We all have faced failures, got rejected or fallen badly, multiple times in our lives. Sometimes, we find it difficult to handle all of it because the coping mechanism doesn’t work well. Rejection is that one thing that our society doesn’t accept and neither do they expect. Once, Bano Qudsia said in her interview, “our society doesn’t teach kids what to do if your sibling gets cancer. It doesn’t teach you how to handle if someone who you are dependent upon dies.”

The point to bring this topic to the conversation is that a very big majority of our youth doesn’t know what to do when they face rejection because they are never taught how to in the first place! They are only shown one side of the world.

Discovering about mortality motivation was the best thing to happen this year.

Moral motivation is an instance of a more general phenomenon—what we might call normative motivation—for our other normative judgments also typically have some motivating force

For example, the source of moral motivation is more of a cognitive matter, involving reasoning or belief. Or it is primarily a matter of sentiment, desire, or emotion. The content of moral motivation, say, a desire to do whatever one believes is right.

This video came across on facebook at the right moment.

Brendon Burchard – Earn Your Blessing

These are the 3 questions that you should judge your life by.Let Brendon help you find your success score. Take the free test here

Gepostet von Goalcast am Mittwoch, 27. Dezember 2017

Here, he explains how mortality motivation can help someone rebuild them. At times, when people question their existence and ask “do I even matter?” when we fall. Telling someone who has just failed to go and count your blessings is very easy, but not for the ones who are in that situation.

When you ask yourself these 3 questions, will make you realize your blessings like never before.

1. Did I live?

2. Did I love?

3. Did I matter?

These are the questions you will ask to evaluate yourself at the end of your life. These questions will make you realize how important you are, how precious you are and every breath is. Live it, cherish it.

You wouldn’t want to live the last moments of your life regretting that you didn’t live it like you wanted it to.

More power to you.

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