Are You A Gossip Queen? 9 Facts That Prove That You Are!

Gossip Queen

Gossip? Who said ‘Gossip’? Oh my God, did someone just say that word. I must not miss out on the latest scoop of everyone’s life, oh well it is okay if it is not even the latest.’

Have you ever caught yourself saying something like the above mentioned phrase, then crown yourself you Gossip Queen!

1. You are the first one to know everything.


If the news does not reach you first, you go hunt it down.


2. You are the information guru for people around you.


And no one even comes close.


3. Ain’t nobody gonna mess with you.



4. You are rumor critic who analyzes each and every bit
of the news that comes your way.

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5. You know how to get people spilling their beans.


….do they even have an option?


6. You just cannot resist to decide the person you would tell once you hear a secret.

giphy (1)

Or else it will hurt your soul and body.


8. Updates on everyone’s life is what you do best.


Your nose is always in someone else’s business…


9. You do not feel guilty when boredom leads you to creating rumors.


It is okay, you are just spreading the word!

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