A Horrifying Accident Took Place At Gorakh Hill Station, Sindh, And Tourists Need To Be Very Careful!

Pakistan is a country known for the beauty it holds which is undoubtedly true. It is a country that infinite natural resources and thousands of other things to be proud of. Foreigners from all across the world have now started to visit Pakistan and its beautiful and picturesque places to see how Pakistan actually is!

However, with travel and tourism comes accidental mishaps and it’s absolutely tragic. Mishaps that have literally torn families apart and such tragic incidents have now become too common. Such incidents, at times, literally show how careless and irresponsible, we, as a society have become. From underage driving to overspeeding to being drunk and breaking the laws; these incidents have taught so many a lesson they’d never forget.

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Just recently, another horrific accident was reported. This accident took place at Gorakh Hill station, Karachi where a black Vigo lost control and crashed. Gorakh Hill station is situated on an elevation of 5700 feet, and is said to be one of the most beautiful, the coldest and the most amazing tourist spots in Sindh. Getting there is no easy task as it takes 6-8 hours to reach to the top!

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However, according to sources regarding this horrifying incident, the brakes of the car failed while coming downhill and it is reported a woman lost her life in this incident while the other family members were injured.

Here are some pictures of the crushed Vigo that are making rounds on the internet and it’s absolutely terrible!



Absolutely tragic!


People were also seen advising others to hire professional drivers when going to Gorak Hills because the route is very dangerous and offroad. While planning trips, it’s important to always consider our safety and our family’s. We often take a lot of things for granted and wait for something horrific to happen but this is something very serious.

Please prioritize your loved ones and their lives. Losing a loved one is the worst possible thing a living human could ever experience. Plan ahead and make sure you take care of all security measures.

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