Google Celebrates Success Story Of Pakistani YouTuber Mubashir Saddique – Who Is He?

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Mubashir Saddique, widely known as a phenomenal culinary master who introduces the world to centuries-old recipes, achieved great success within a short time. Google released a short documentary on Saddique’s success story, and it is quite inspiring, we must say!

Saddique is a village Masterchef who affectionately presents his cooking results to the chief food taster – his father and takes his feedback at the end of each video. Meanwhile, the 80-year-old who is the ‘life of the coking show’ never fails to appreciate his son’s creation.

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With a talent to create mouthwatering delicacies from traditional makeshift stoves and clay-made vessels, his popularity has only grown. He now has 2.84 million subscribers from all across the world.

Google South Asia now celebrates Saddique and his fast-growing YouTube channel Village Food Secrets by featuring a short documentary on his success story. It celebrates the success he achieved in such a short period of time.

Saddique thanks his fans & followers for their support

He began his journey in 2017 when there were no proper Internet facilities in his village Shahpur. After having recorded content with his mid-range smartphone, he traveled to Sialkot to edit and upload it at his office.

An inspiring journey

The documentary tells the story of an ordinary Pakistani villager, Saddique, of a remote village in Punjab, who worked at a football factory in Sialkot and would return home on weekends. When home, he would cook for his family. His love for cooking led his brother to introduce him to vlogging.

Subsequently, they created a YouTube channel, Village Food Secrets, to showcase his skill in cooking family meals. In the documentary, Saddique expresses, “When I first started, I had no idea that because of this YouTube channel, not only would my rural town be in Google maps but would also gain worldwide fame.”

With his portrayal of Pakistan’s beautiful countryside and mouthwatering recipes rooted in traditional knowledge, Village Food Secrets presents a fresher alternative to the mainstream. His channel enables him to contribute financially to his family and the village as a whole.

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The slaughter of chickens, cow dung fuel, or his handling of everything in his hands may leave some dismayed. However, the use of organic ingredients from his kitchen, the clean village backdrop, the silence during working, and chefs coming on screen and talking incessantly may tempt them to watch his videos.

Saddique is now a hugely successful chef. Nonetheless, he still stays true to his roots and cooks for the children and family every two weeks. His viewers enjoy his videos because of the simplicity of the content. The world loves Pakistani food culture anyway!

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