Google, Netflix Ease Burden On Pakistani Telecom Networks Amid COVID-19

Google Netflix Pakistani Telecom Networks

In the wake of the global coronavirus pandemic, tech giants Google and Netflix are easing stress on Pakistan’s telecommunication networks. The global service providers have recently come in contact with the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) sharing ways to control and decrease onsite traffic during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Undoubtedly, the support and stress relieving tactics will help PTA control the massive burden in these uncertain times. Taking the coronavirus pandemic seriously, earlier, Google even canceled its April Fool’s prank, gathering praises worldwide. Recently, Google informed PTA about the newly introduced features that will help in acquiring relevant data for Pakistani users.

Google Netflix PTA

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According to the details revealed in a news report, the global service provider shared the latest advancements on Wednesday. ”Google has introduced new features and resources to provide locally relevant information to Pakistani users. These include expansion of COVID-19 SOS Alerts and Knowledge Panels on Google Search, as well as YouTube Information Panels”, PTA said in a statement.

Google to help provide relevant information to Pakistani users

”These product features a link to the National Institute of Health (NIH), to provide locally relevant information to Pakistani citizens. Google is also offering ad inventory to the Ministry of National Health Services so they can spotlight timely, helpful information,” said PTA.

Google Netflix PTA

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As the world institutions have shifted to online working/learning methods, Google also worked for the betterment of productivity. The shared resources will help enhance the distance learning for students in staying connected with their teachers. Not only this but, Google has also launched a speech-based learning application called ”Bolo”.

The application ”Bolo” will be using machine learning to help students read confidently in their own voice. Furthermore, Google has made the app available in Urdu as well for better understanding during the closure of educational institutes. The tech giant also informed PTA that because of the sensitivity of the coronavirus issue, it has been removing misinformation and abusive content.

Netflix aims to reduce onsite traffic by 25%

Jumping on the bandwagon is the global streaming service Netflix. Besides Google, Netflix has also developed certain new strategies to control the traffic during the coronavirus epidemic. Speaking on the matter, PTA stated, ”Netflix has also informed that in order to reduce its traffic on telecommunication networks in Pakistan during the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Google Netflix PTA

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”The entertainment site (Netflix) has developed ways to reduce traffic on telecommunications networks by 25% while also maintaining the quality of service. This will be applicable for 30 days and will be re-evaluated after this duration ends”, the statement ended.

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