Google Has Officially Registered As A Company In Pakistan

Google, the American tech behemoth, has registered as a company with Pakistan’s Securities and Exchange Commission (SECP).

Google Officially Register Company In Pakistan:

According to source, Google Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd. has been incorporated as a company under the Companies Act 2017 in order to open a liaison office in Pakistan.

Recently this year it might happen that google play store services  no longer be accessible in Pakistan after december 1 but after days goes its resolved by the minister of IT Syed Aminul Haque.

According to insiders, Google will begin operations in Pakistan very soon after registering with the SECP. A Google delegation will visit Pakistan next week to meet with Pakistani officials and discuss its operations there.

According to sources, the Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunication (MoITT) was in contact with multinational corporations and was attempting to bring them to Pakistan, but the companies were hesitant owing to political unrest.

However, there has been progress in this respect, with both Google and then Tik Tok deciding to open offices in Pakistan, while talks between the ministry and Facebook are ongoing.

Officials from the IT ministry are optimistic that Google will open an office in Pakistan within the next few days. According to MoITT officials, Google has initiated various initiatives in Pakistan in recent years.

Google launched job certificates in September to provide all Pakistanis with flexible learning options. Google will introduce a suicide hotline in Pakistan in June 2022 to address suicides and mental health issues.

According to a MoITT official, Google’s registration as a corporation in Pakistan is a positive sign. Google is investing $3.5 million in the Google certification programme, and the company’s registration with SECP indicates that it intends to invest even more.

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