Google Family Link App Lets Parents Control Their Child’s Activities!

google family link

Google has never disappointed when it comes to providing impressive services. This is probably the reason why more than half of the world uses Google’s search engine to search for almost everything that exists. Even though we tend to go on with our lives without ever considering this fact, but it truly is a splendid achievement. Despite the usage of the search engine, even Google’s email services and Google Play Store; have been heavily popular in pretty much all continents. This also includes the Google Family Link app that has been gaining attention for all the right reasons as well.



Basically, the app helps children under the age of thirteen in making a Google account and let them receive access to various Google services. However, it is all done under the supervision of an adult. Its main purpose is to let children enjoy Google products but also limit their usage. Moreover, it is a great invention on Google’s part as the internet can be a scary place for children. This is because there is no filter in the digital world.

It is for sure that you can learn a lot as there is endless material available on the internet. But that doesn’t mean that there isn’t its fair share of negativity as well. Social media itself can be quite toxic as cyber-bullying is a rampant issue. Furthermore, there is always the dreadful possibility that a child might end up seeing an inappropriate or damaging post. As children have sensitive minds and can easily get affected by triggering content, their screen time should be limited.

Set Up Your Account:

The app needs to be set up on the parents as well as the child’s phone. You can find the complete instructions to download the app by clicking the details on the ‘Google for families help’ page. There are about six steps on that page that range from making the account deleting the child’s Google account.

Also, the process isn’t strenuous as well as it is described in steps, and the account making process is categorized under the new android device, the family link app, new Chromebook, and other devices. Parents need to have devices that are Android Kitkat 4.0 or up and the child’s device has to be Android Nougat 7.0. And if the devices are anything lower than that won’t be able to support to the app.

google family link

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Google also warns that to make an account for a child, the parents need to give their consent. The parents can even be asked about their credit card information, but they won’t be charged. There will be a ‘temporary authorization’ issued on the card to verify it. Now, one must be wondering what exactly can a parent do with their child’s account? Are there any special benefits or specific features provided by Google?

Control Your Child’s App Usage:

It is possible to use Family Link to help you limit the apps that your child might be using. The child can manage the app’s permission as well, but you can disable that option for them. To manage an app, all you have to do is go to the apps screen and click the option ‘more’. Then, you can choose from the app that you want to allow access for the child or not. You can turn the ‘Allow App’ option on and off whenever you want.

This is helpful because it decreases screen time for children which is tremendously damaging. If you want to change the app permission to parents only then you have to go to the option ‘Device’ and then click ‘Settings’. After reaching settings, you can find the option of ‘App permissions’. All that is left to do is just simply choosing the type of permissions, which includes ‘Only Parents’ and ‘Child and Parents’.

Set Time Limits:

You can also set up the amount of time that your child can dedicate to their device. This is a beneficial option because it encourages children to do find other interests or hobbies instead of reducing themselves to their screens. Children that spent abnormal hours on their phones tend to have difficulty concentrating or focusing.

They also have a higher chance of worsening their eye-sight and tend to have frequent headaches. To limit the time, you have to go to settings and click the option ‘Daily Limit’ and edit the limits. Then, place the time limit. There is also the possibility of setting up the bedtime for the child as well. Once again, you need to go in the account settings option, and click the option ‘Edit’ placed in the ‘Bedtime’ card, and easily set up the time.

Deleting A Google Family Link Account:

If you want to delete the account then you would have to click on the child’s account on the parent’s device. Though, make sure that the child has logged out from all the android devices that they use for logging in. Then go into the option of ‘Account info’ and scroll all the way to the bottom. There you can find ‘Delete Account’ and tapping it ultimately deletes the account.



Even though there are a lot of advantages associated with the app but there are also a couple of things that are restricted. This includes seeing your child’s Google search history, reading their messages, listening to their calls, resetting their password, and removing data from their device. Though, you can also find the detailed information of the app’s services by going on the page ‘Google for families help’ and clicking the ‘Google services and your child’s Google account’.

What do you think of the app Google Family Link? Do you believe that setting up an account through a parent’s supervision is important? Or should children not be exposed to the internet at such a young age? Share your thoughts using the links below.

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