Google Cancels Its April Fools’ Pranks This Year Due To Coronavirus

april fools jokes google

Every other day amid the Coronavirus lockdown, all we get is news about a surge in the number of patients and deaths which are already dented global economies pushing them towards collapse.

However, people are trying to make the best of their quarantine time through memes and other stuff available online. But, to be very candid, when the situation is already so grim who has time for jokes anyway. Well, Google also thinks the same.

Google has canceled its ‘April Fools’ Pranks’ this year due to the coronavirus. According to the company’s CEO, the decision to skip this year’s tradition celebrated every 1st April before, is quite sane. Undoubtedly, it is purely an act of homage to the people, who are fighting the battle against the deadly virus.

Currently, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused more than 800,000 infections, with 39,022 deaths worldwide.

No jokes this year

The Head of Marketing at Google, Lorraine Twohill proposed, that any smaller joke projects under the management of different specific teams must observe closure.

april fools jokes google

Image: edmtunes

Despite giving access to a wide inspect of their most amazing products over history. Google has also made its name for brilliant April Fool Pranks as well.

Following, the decision from Google came out after, America became the new Coronavirus epicenter. Moreover, the increase in the number of patients in the US has been worse than in China. To this date, millions of Americans have turned out to be jobless.

Hoping to help people as much as possible, Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai promised that the hilarious jokes will be back next year, which might just be much better than your expectations.

Google’s blog on COVID-19

Imparting light on the current health dilemma, the corporation lately launched its first Global Coronavirus info site. Likely the basic agenda of this initiative is to educate people about the virus, and how to deal with the current situation.

Culminating the WHO’s approach to “Do the Five”, the basic agenda of this piece is to raise awareness. Moreover, informing people about any kind of misinformation lying on the Internet.

april fools jokes google

Image: Google


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