Girl Leaves Her ‘Gold-Digging’ Boyfriend After He Kept Asking For Money Every Week

One of Facebook Pakistan’s most prominent group keeps on bringing up with the classiest, and most unorthodox breakup stories from around the country. Maybe they aren’t so unorthodox, but generally, these topics are of a private nature.

We’ve all heard stories about breakups that involve gold-digging girls, but have you ever heard a breakup story that involves a gold-digging boyfriend? Well, meet Rafay, the ex-boyfriend of a Pakistani girl who just couldn’t stop thinking about the dough $$$$$$.

This is how this particular story goes. So, this girl, let’s call her Y* was madly in love with Rafay. So Rafay messaged his girlfriend, asking about a certain ‘kaam’ he had asked her to do. That particular kaam was asking his girlfriend for Rs 20,000.


So Y* tells him, she tried her best, but she could not arrange the money for him. At this, Rafay asks her to take it from her dad. Y* then says she had only last week sent him Rs 20,000 which was already tough for her.

The gold-digging boyfriend asks her to try her best and at least get him Rs 10,000 if not 20. So the poor girl says, she cannot ask her family for such huge amounts daily. To this, the gold-digging Rafay tries to gaslight her and says, “ehsaan mat jatao”. Bro, why? Why shouldn’t she do so? You’re taking money from your girlfriend every week, and she can’t even point it out?

Well, going forward, the gold-digger asks her to send the money anyhow, and he will ‘pay her later’ when he finds a job. Pffft funny. Then he talks about how this relationship is no ‘faida’ for him. Y* then tells him, she has done everything for him, every single thing which was possible and many that were impossible.

Then Rafay starts showing his true colors. He says, “if you cannot fulfill my wishes, there are many girls who can” – this was the tipping point for our poor Y*. She realizes her self-worth, thankfully, and roasts him so badly, he will probably never forget it.

“YOU KNOW WHAT RAFAY, YOU ARE A GOLD-DIGGER!” said Y*, finally realizing he was never going to be the one. The next thing she says should forever remain viral. “DIKHA DI NA SARJANI WALI AWKAAT” – burns for Rafay, many many burns for him.

Our poor little Y* then went on to block his number and deleted him from her life forever. We’re proud of what she did and how she did not succumb to the gaslighting. This also reminds us of two breakup stories, the 5-1 subject fail breakup and the Rs 13000 bill for the gold-digging girls of our society.

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Story credits: Group (Devil in the form of a wh*re

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