5 Things You Experience When You Go Back To Pakistan As An Overseas Pakistani

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Are you an overseas Pakistani? Your nationality is different yet your heart says Pakistani. Here’s what you might have experienced when you came back to the land of Jinnah.

1. Before you even land in Pakistan, the planning stage

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This is the stage where you’re scrolling through airline websites, finding the least amount of layovers, checking which airline would have the best Muslim meal and onboard Lollywood movies. This is also probably when you’ve just come back from Pakistan and are planning for your next trip there because why not?

2. The wait till the date

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This is when the clock ticks at its slowest. You’ve booked your tickets, chosen your window seats and are now progressing on with your routine work in wait of vacation. This is also when you’re caught daydreaming about all the places you’re going to visit. Let it be Lahore Fort, Murree or Lake Saiful Muluk or as simple as your local mall.

3. The landing

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It’s such an amazing phenomenon, unexplainable yet felt every time. The moment the aircraft lands, your heart feels at ease. The smile on your face becomes evident and your energy levels kick in. The wait for leaving the aircraft becomes unbearable because you’re so ready to go through the checking, grab your baggage and look through the crowd gathered outside the arrival hall for your relatives that have come to pick you up.

When you see them, you’re given big warm hugs with bright smiles. You start talking nonstop, updating them with everything you’ve done and they update you with everything that’s going on in Pakistan. Let’s not forget your uncle telling you how a few of your cousins wanted to come to pick you up so badly.

4. The jet lag 

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This is what you’ve always dreaded because who would want to take rest when you’re in Pakistan? You want to explore around the streets of your hometown as soon as you’ve reached, enjoy the hustle and bustle of your surroundings and go to the nearest local grocery store to stock up on local foods, let it be Tuc biscuits, Candy or Sooper. But jet lag slows you down and the inevitable sleep does arrive.

5. The rest of your vacation

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After a jet lag, comes the best part. The rest of the vacation! The plans of visiting the best places in the country happen. Every traditional dish you consume becomes heavenly, food vendors around the corner become your favorite. The road trips from one city to another, following the sun, passing by fields of agricultural goods, everything you’ve remembered from the previous years, becomes vivid once again.

No matter what passport you hold, no matter what nationality you’re known as, no matter if you look local enough or not, Pakistan accepts you with its wide arms. That’s what makes Pakistan the land of acceptance. It’s only fair if you do the same. Take pride in being a Pakistani. Represent your nation, internationally. It’s not hard because if you’ve experienced at least one of the 5 things above, your heart truly is green. Dil hai, Pakistani, Jaan hai Pakistani.

At the end of the day, ye hai hamara Pyaara Pakistan.

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