Someone Wrote Go Nawaz Go in A Place Not Even Your Wild Guesses Can Tell!

The infamous phrase, Go Nawaz Go has come a long way from a chant in protests and rallies to the word of mouth of millions of Pakistanis. It’s generally proclaimed to project contempt and reproval towards Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and his government. A viral phrase that became imminently viral made its way in some of the obnoxious places during events you would have never expected it to be brought up.

Source: Pakistan Today

Let’s recount all the instances – WWE events, cricket matches in England, football stadiums, PSL, #RonaldinhoAndFriends and much more. We even came across some foreigners strangely saying those words. This viral phrase remains insanely popular among Pakistanis and is widely used in any kind of casual protest. Your food wasn’t delivered on time, say, Go Nawaz Go. Your order was canceled, your car broke down, the power went out, phone’s battery died and basically anything bothering you, you simply utter those words in a form of protest. Some guy actually did the same…

Here we go… “Go Nawaz Go” found somewhere you would never imagine

Source: Twitter

WOW. That’s one way to get your message around. Seriously, Pakistanis, you guys are unbelievable. But it fits so well! I mean, you want to get your message around, you want to lay stress on something, just using that phrase makes it more assertive. It’s like if you want to say something with conviction, you know how to go about it.

This shall never get old. Even if our Prime Minister retires from his duty, this phrase is never getting obsolete. It shall be remembered and if someone mentions it decades from now on, we would certainly remember the whole story, the whole epidemic about it that once triumphed as a mammoth trend.

Tell us any instance from your life where you came across Go Nawaz Go being used in a ridiculous way.

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