Glorification Of Marriage And Dependence And What It's Like To Live It

Glorification Of Marriage And Dependence And What It’s Like To Live It

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In life, people make different promises to themselves. They promise to obey the law, to eat better, to be good students and good friends, but the promise that people make when they get married will be one of the most important promises in their entire life. Glorification of marriage and dependence is very well described by Islam.

As it is said, “And we created you in pairs”

Marriage is a Halal relationship, this thing makes marriage and its dependence glorified. After marriage, husband and wife becomes dependant on one another. It’s a natural phenomenon. It is because of the affection and love created between them by Allah.

It is said, “And he placed between you affection and mercy”

Marriage and its dependence is already glorified in our society. Fortunately being Muslim we all know the glorification of marriage. Now lets talk about glorification of marriage after dependence. Marriage is a bond which make us, husband and wife, dependant on each other. There is a concept in our society that man cannot become dependant on woman but this concept is totally wrong. We forget this thing that man is afterall a human being, he also posseses emotions. He has feelings. He has desires.

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Man who is taught since childhood that you are strong, you can do anything etc never realizes the importance of a female in his life. This because of the wrong concepts that he has in his mind. But he needs someone to listen to him, someone who can understand his unshed tears, someone who can understand his unexplainable emotions, someone who waits for him, someone who supports him, someone who cares for him, someone who believes in him.

And all these demands are fulfilled by his wife. The above emotions makes man dependant on his wife after marriage. Actually after marriage man becomes a boy who was oncr fed by his mother in his childhood but now this boy like to be fed by his wife. The most important thing is that man is dependant on his wife because of his children. As it is said, WOMEN  ARE THE REAL ARCHITECT OF SOCIETY.

This is the glorification of marriage and dependence. Man becomes so dependant on his wife that he doesn’t even like tea made by anyone else. As it is said, “I love it, when the coffee kick in and I realize that she made it.”

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Man becomes so dependent that he doesn’t even like his clothes ironed by anyone else. All these things show the glorification of marriage and dependence. Now let’s talk about a womans dependence on her husband after marriage. Women become more dependent on their men after marriage.

The girl who was once the princess of her father now becomes a woman. The girl who was a butterfly of her father is now caught in a cage. After marriage, a girl is nothing without her husband but this is nature… Infact this is the glorification of marriage. As it is said: ‘Little girls with dreams become women with vision.’

After marriage, every girl becomes a fighter of her family. She is the one who saves her family from different things. She is actually the backbone of her family As it is said: “Sometimes it’s the princess who kills the dragon and saves the prince.”

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The woman likes to be protected by her husband. She likes to hide behind her husband’s  shoulder. She likes to ride the dangerous path by holding his hand. She likes to buy things from his money. She likes when he feels possessive about her. These emotions are very well described by Bano Qudsia,she says that

‘MAN IS THE SHELTER  FOR A WOMAN’ The dependence of man and woman is very well glorified by Allah when he made Hazrat HUWA   for Hazrat ADAM. This thing shows the glorification of marriage and dependence. Marriage makes a woman and a man responsible for their doings.

As it is said: ‘Oh Muslims your wife and your family are your responsibility.’

Marriage is a halal relationship. After Nikkah man and woman becomes husband and wife. Actually, marriage makes the dependence glorified. We can say that man is dependent on the woman through his desires and woman is dependent on man through his desires both cannot do better without each other but their dependence differs in the degree. Hence

‘Marriage is that relationship between man and woman in which the independence is equal, the dependence is mutual and the obligation is reciprocal

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