Girl's Neck Was Tangled In Kite Flying, We Need To Ban Basant Strictly!

How This Girl’s Neck Was Tangled In Kite Flying Thread Shows Why We Need To Ban Basant Strictly!

10 years ago, Punjab government banned one of the most celebrated events in Pakistan, Basant. Basant was celebrated mostly around spring season. The skies looked colorful as kites were seen roaring high here and there. The specific days to celebrate Basant (usually in February) took place in full swing.

As a person who celebrated Basant avidly, I remember how the prices of patang and charkha touched the sky as the season neared.  Even so, people loved celebrating till the government brought into knowledge the casualties it was causing. Imposing heavy fines and closing the production of kite flying products, Punjab government’s ban on Basant was probably one of the best decisions.

Recently, there were news floating everywhere how Basant will be celebrated this year in Punjab. Shabaz Sharif, however, denied all sorts of speculations that were removing the ban on Basant

This created a lot of chaos among Pakistanis who thought banning Basant is not the solution.

The chemical used in the manufacturing of the string alongside the glass that makes the string so crisp are the main reasons why Basant is banned as they cause severe injuries and can lead to death.

While Basant remains banned, people in different parts of Punjab are still flying kites without any fear.

What people don’t realize is how it can ruin someone’s life. Here’s an example:

See how the throat of the this little girl is ripped and the lose of blood is making it even worse. A lot of people are debating on absurd it is to ban Basant and how the government should keep a check on the thread used in kite flying.

While the debate can never settle between the odds of Pakistani government and citizens, for now, the government MUST keep proper check on kite flying.


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