This YouTuber’s Unique Efforts In Harmonizing Pakistan Is Certainly Worth A Praise!

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Pakistan is surrounded by a warren of crises ranging in all aspects. Be it political, economical, social and alike, our country simply entails a prospect that needs to be addressed on grounds of improvement. Our government does have the most prominent role in harmonizing our country but we as citizens of Pakistan must not shy away from our individual responsibilities.

There are many credible people in Pakistan laying incredible efforts in the prospect of our country’s betterment. From the rising bevy of entrepreneurs engaged in providing impeccable solutions, to building great businesses in the market out there and the artists who continue to raise their opinion for the image of Pakistan. Our rising youth is certainly admirable in keeping a keen interest in the benefit of our country.

Source: Christians in Pakistan News | Pakistani Christians

Source: Christians in Pakistan News | Pakistani Christians

Besides laying individual efforts, it is also a deemed responsibility of us to acknowledge and support the efforts done by people who are already in the swing. Many inspiring individuals have waged day and night in rendering their efforts for our country’s benefit and it is upon us to acclaim their purposes.

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Considering the same, we have a young individual who continues to inspire with their unique efforts for the sake of our country Pakistan.

She’s an electronic engineering who aspires to promote Tourism and put forward a positive image of Pakistan and ultimately, be a contributor in the economic welfare.

Here is what she says about her endeavors:

My name is Fatima Hanif and I recently graduated from NED. I am an electronic engineer and I love traveling. Being a patriot, I realized something a while ago. Our economy is going down the drain and as bitter as it may sound, it’s up to us to regain what is lost.

After contemplating, I realized that tourism is, in fact, one of the answers to the problem. Keeping that in mind, I started off with my journey to different parts of Pakistan. During my journey, I made short videos to lure the audience both national and international.

Source: YouTube

Source: YouTube

Tourism in our country – subjected to terrorism in the past – has to be revived. I have an official YouTube channel, Facebook page and Instagram account where I upload all my videos. I officially go by the name “videopakistan”. I encourage each and every one of you to travel and explore Pakistan as it is gifted with breathtaking beauty. If you want to help me in my cause, send me in your traveling videos and we shall bring forth the positive image of Pakistan.

Source: Pakistani.PK

Source: Pakistani.PK

It is certainly inspiring what this young lady is up to. She realizes that she also has an individual responsibility to fulfill and give in return to her motherland that is beloved to her.

Fatima is also an inspiration for many out who are trying to do something for their country. Many people who are shunned because they are basically kicked in a detour of life that they do not desire but are forced to keep up with it can get inspired from her in pursuing their ambitions back again.

Pakistan needs people like her if we are to see a change. This very mindset that entails a sound accountability of a citizen and its responsibilities, dictating their keen interests in accordance with what is best in the interest of the country is commendable.

What do you think about Fatima’s YouTube channel and her efforts?

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