11 Things Your Wife Does When She Becomes A Fire-Breathing Monster During That Time Of Month

We have all been there, haven’t we? If you are a guy who has been in a relationship with someone, then you must realize the mayhem you have to go through during “that time” of the month. Yes, I am talking about when she’s on her period.

The menstrual cycle is indeed a pain in the ass for not only her but you as well. Poor girl, the least you can do is understand her feelings and just let it pass without wreaking havoc in your relationship. Just don’t sweat it because it would not do good for either of you.

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To say the least, I admit that your wife becomes a fire-breathing monster during that time of the month. She comes to do some of the most unbelievable things in your entire relationship. You even sometimes take her for another person. But as soon as you understand things, the better you can act and ultimately save yourself and her a lot of trouble.

You can simply reflect upon how your wife behaves humorously and let it be an anecdotal reference just like I am trying to talk about it here.

So, let’s recall all those times when your wife had absolutely no chill during that time of the month:

1. Yell at you for no reason

Oh, the obvious. You happen to be the sole center where she dumps all the anger, resentment and frustration caused by things in her life. But let it be, ’cause you’re the man…


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Hahahahaha just let it go

3. Talk like a philosopher

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Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings, just like a girlfriend without acting all mad during her period is a girlfriend of no existence – See, guys, such a person does not exist, so just simply learn to comfort her as much as you can.

4. Suddenly remembers how you misbehaved 2 years back

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Oh, that time when you were probably 17?

5. Breaks her phone

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And then wait for her to buy a new phone in a few weeks. So much for the communication gap.

6. Says things like, “do you love me?”

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The world would end but no man would ever dig up the answer to that question, ever.

7. Says, “not now” when you… you know what!

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Sad life, bro

8. Says, “tell me about your ex” – calls for real trouble

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9. Disappear

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Last seen: 16:45 (21 hours ago)

You left 21 missed calls, 45 messages and what not but that “tick” just won’t get doubled or blue!

10. Says, “YES BECAUSE YOU WANT THAT GIRL NOW” when she’s mad and finds a picture of you with another girl

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11. Says, “WE NEED TO TALK”

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Rest In Peace, fallen brother…

Guys, you know the drill. You simply cannot do anything than wielding to her terms. Comfort her and make her field better because she would realize you are putting effort and ultimately adore you more!

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