This Little Girl Wants to 'Na-Ehl' Her Mother and Here's What Pakistanis Think About It 

This Little Girl Wants to ‘Na-Ehl’ Her Mother and Here’s What Pakistanis Think About It 

This year’s election season were filled with enthusiasm and determination, alongside a lot of dirty games. One thing which was absolutely wrong about the elections was the language that was used by PTI and PMLN leaders on media.

While both the political parties targeted the youth the most, they forgot the examples they were setting on national television while speaking against the opposition. There is no debate on who was better as compared to another – what is wrong is wrong and the impact it has on the young watchers is beyond one’s expectations.

So when Nawaz Sharif was determined Na-Ehl as per the courts, the news, the headlines and the opposition party couldn’t get over it. The fiasco was all over mainstream and social media and well, everybody knew what was happening…and even this little kid.

This Little Kid Compares her Mom to the Sharifs and Wants to Na-Ehl her

In a video that is seen all over the internet, a little girl, around the age of 5 to 6, is seen jokingly argue with her mom when the mom asks her to do some chores. She demands why the guests did not give any Eidi to her, while giving Eidi to the younger sibling.

The mother then tells the daughter that she is the old one now and there was a time when guests gave her Eidi too. The girl then inquires why the mother never gave her Eidi and then starts comparing her to the Sharif how they looted the money of the country, the same way the mother did to her. She also says that she has no idea how will make her mother ‘na-ehl’ for taking her money when she was a kid.

In Case You Haven’t Seen the Video, Here It Is:

A lot of people are having a laugh over it, mainly on how the child feels their former leaders were corrupt and all. But if you ask me, it is just weird to feel how exposed a little girl and the sort of language she is using at this age.

Anyway, it is still a good laugh for many!

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