Pakistanis Agree with this Girl's View of How Morning Shows May Exploit Zainab's Murder for Ratings

Pakistanis Agree with this Girl’s View of How Morning Shows May Exploit Zainab’s Murder for Ratings

The predicament of child abuse in Pakistan takes another life. Zainab, a case we are all now familiar with. She was a 7-year-old girl who was abducted, raped and killed. Her body was recovered from a roadside pile of dump in Kasur, Punjab.

No one can ever comprehend the measure of brutality here and Zainab’s case joins the long list of victims. It is reported that in the past year, over 12 cases have been registered. Since 2015, the area of Kasur has witnessed around 700 cases. Zainab’s case remains a major one which has enraged people. People continue to express their sentiments, in fact, there’s an official hashtag – #JusticeForZainab – to mark solidarity and express opinions on social media.

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Zainab’s tragic murder remains a highly sought-after topic for discussion. News anchors, morning shows, talk shows, all seem to be covering the same topic, which is fine, considering that child abuse is a grave topic we need to address on all grounds. However, no one can be sure if all these programs are intended for the right purpose and not actually for the sake of media mileage or TRP.

To address this highly debatable issue, a Pakistani girl wrote a long rant, targeting this very practice in local morning shows. She addresses how these anchors in morning shows are always on the look for ratings and TRP, and so they could go about all ways for this very objective.

Here’s what she had to say:

This one speaks volume of our ignorance…

Her status is quite thought-provoking and opens to an important perspective that we cannot, simply cannot ignore. Pakistanis agree with her statement and this post has amassed some popularity on social media.

It actually opens a large debate here and it definitely holds some truth. What do you guys have to say about it?

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