This Girl Shows Everyone How to Threaten PTCL Into Fixing Her Internet

This isn’t the first time something like this has happened, but PTCL, Pakistan’s largest telecommunications has truly gotten onto people’s last nerves!  The company has received various objections in the past and still does. The complaints are usually ignored with an automated message, keeping the customer waiting. Their reputation has surely gone down the drain. LOL.

Indeed their packages and offers are pretty decent, but when it comes to substantiating themselves, it’s all talk and no action. This indeed has prompted the individuals to ditch the services.

But we recently found something interesting! If you have the guts like Ayesha Khalid, your internet struggles will be taken care of in no time!

Ayesha Khalid was furious with rage when she posted her complaint on PTCL’s Facebook account. Little did she know, what she posted went viral within a matter of seconds and also left a few rolling on the floor!

Here’s what Ayesha had posted:

Source: Facebook

Ripping their guts out, slithering her fingers in their throats, and haunting their children in their sleep, were the threats she gave the internet providers, if her internet wasn’t fixed within the next 24 hours. We simply can’t believe her guts! HAHA! Chaa gayi, larki!

Ayesha is not the one who has been misled, in fact, a majority of the crowd has suffered from PTCL’s poor internet service. Here a few more customers who are just not happy with PTCL’s services:

Here a few more customers who are just not happy with PTCL’s services:

PTCL, y u do dis?

Ye tou cheating hai!!

This is actually true!

We’re in 2017, apparently, PTCL isn’t 😀

PTCL has surely failed miserably in providing their trashy” services. Many have suffered, especially those who work from home. Now, the question is, will they ever work on improving their services?

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