This Girl Shares a Phone Call Conversation with a Private Cab Driver and it is Terrifying!

Many people would agree on how these private cab services have eased the daily life of a common man living in a busy, crowded metropolitan city. Be it any service, they have a lasting impact on our lives now that people have become so accustomed to it they can’t imagine their lives without it. These cabs are strictly monitored and the company keeps the record of the customer and the driver.

But there are times when these cab companies are accused of harming people by the drivers they appoint. Everyone might have heard a story or two about people who were trapped by the driver and got robbed and some girls who were threatened to get kidnapped. Something similar happened to a girl who came to Karachi from Lahore for the first time and asked the Uber driver to arrive at her pick up location since she couldn’t identify the place and told him that she’s new in town. The driver thought that he can easily take advantage, but his move/plan hit him back.

Here’s what a Facebook page wrote :

Please everyone, especially girls who travel alone in UBER please stay safe! This incident happened with one of my female friends, she came Karachi from lahore and she booked uber, she talked to uber driver for location and then uber driver thought call is disconnected he started talking on another phone with his friend and my frnd was still on call and she recorded this call the driver was talking inappropriately and he had the plan to trap her he asked his frnd ‘ kay bachi phasanay aya hun lahore se bachi aai hai BC dua kr akeli ho is ke liye esi jaga per agaya “!! she just cancel the ride and returned to safe a place from that street. The thing is that there is no helpline number of uber to complain for such captains that’s why this kind of incidents happening in UBER meri friend ki qismat achi thi ke us ne call sun li warna pata nahi us ke sath kiya hota !! please spread the word !!

Listen to the whole conversation in the audio clip below:

In the audio, it is clear that how the driver, after getting all the information from the girl, called his friend from another phone and told him his plan about how he’s going to trap the girl and enjoy his weekend. He even asked his friend that he hopes the girl is alone. But the girl was lucky enough to have heard all his conversation because after talking to the girl, he forgot to cut the call and dialed his friend’s number from the other phone. That’s when she recorded the conversation. She canceled the ride and took a screenshot of everything.

Uber needs to take corrective measures on how these incidents shouldn’t happen and what was the driver’s plan. Is there any contingency plan for the company to tackle such incidents? Add in comments if you have any suggestions to solve these problems.

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