This Girl Shares Some Major Life Lessons Her Early 20’s Taught Her!

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This article was originally submitted by Mahnoor Imtiaz

We all are little depressed and anxious

We all want to settle down in our careers

Get rich and successful immediately

Fulfil our dreams

Choose a life partner for ourselves immediately 

None of us are particularly interested in enjoying the current moments – living the little moments to the fullest while all of us ran after mundane luxuries.

This is all that is going on when we are in our Early 20’s.

We are longing to be something more than what we are right now. Our mind is busier than the world around us. You will only understand this when you slow down a bit and become aware of the present moment that is happening right in front of you.

Our mind is jumping from thought to thought, positivity to negativity than what’s happening around us. We train our mind and body to live everywhere and anywhere but now, the past and future are all we think about, yet they are just constructs/buildups of our imagination.


As one pleasant morning, I was having tea with my oldest school friend. All of a sudden we started discussing how quickly life has changed and what messed up creeps we were back then. Having no aims and goals in life- Clueless and purposeless annoying idiots. How our Early 20’s has taught us some bitter but better truths of life that we are thankful to God for granting us. Here are a few of them:

Fail, fail, fail and then you succeed!

No one ever gets success overnight. Life in the Early ’20s is more like a puzzle or a maze. There are turns and twists with unexcepted endings. You get an immense amount of opportunities with greater chances of risk. The unrelenting hunger to succeed in life always comes from pain and years of failure.

I remember my phase of life when I was about to hit the twenties, my father used to teach me the philosophy of life. How millions of tiny dots of failure connect with the giant dot of success. We need to fail millions of times before we reach that one high point in life.

I always took inspiration from famous people who failed badly before they reached success. Like Walt Disney, Stephen king, bill gates and even our prime minister Imran khan. So never lose hope– there is always someone out there to motivate or encourage you.

Not everyone is your friend


Not every smiling face has something to offer. What I’ve learned is that you can never predict which friends will stick with you at hard times and which ones won’t. Everyone is there when we are living the best of our lives. But few are there when we are having the worst days.

So, basically life has a funny way to tell us that sweetheart, few are your real friends, others are just here for fun and the other half doesn’t really care about what’s happening in your life. There was a time in my life when I got really indulged in my own life because of some serious circumstances.

Later, I realized that how I have lost contact with a whole lot of my close friends. And to my surprise, they didn’t bother to call me even just to know how I am doing or where I am lost. Well, that was the day I learned a lesson that some of my not so close friends were actually getting closer to me.

Friendships become competitions when we get older.

Gain experience by stepping out of your comfort zone

I have seen a lot of people not following their dreams because they are afraid they might fail badly. The fear of failing makes us even worse. My 20s were very emotionally unstable. I always wanted to paint but never had the courage to tell my parents that I don’t want to study business and accounting as it gives me a severe headache.

Due to a lack of clarity and confidence, I was unsure whether I will be able to do a degree in Fine Arts or not. One day, I realized that stepping out of my comfort zone would actually help me do what I am good at.


So, it’s human nature that we feel happier and more relaxed when something fits in our own logic or comfort zone. But unfortunately, the actual magic happens outside that one tiny box we’re comfortable in.

Trust your fate – things do happen for a reason

Today you have one nasty thought crawling in your head and it feels like a bad day and you start blaming your fate, am I right? That’s because of your psychological realities; your petty creation has become larger than God’s creation. We have lost the perspective of life. I read this somewhere and I couldn’t agree more.

Every possibility becomes a problem for those who do not explore the possibility in its right perspective. Every problem opens a new door of distant possibility and hope; in short, a chance to know more about yourself truly and deeply. We are suffering immensely because we do not know how to keep calm and how to stop killing our mental health by overthinking.

If your best friend got the highest paid job, to hell with it. There’s no point of worrying; you focus on your life most importantly on yourself. n leads us nowhere. You have to hold an unwavering faith in God if you want to see the bigger picture. We can’t expect to get everything exactly the way we want it to be.

Everyone has a different time frame. Sometimes we have to sit back and trust our destiny.


Disconnect from the school world – STAY LOWKEY!

Social media has made it quite easy for us to escape the current moment and live reality through a screen. We are everywhere but not right there living the present moment as a result that leads to anxiety later on. They were times when I used to share every single moment of my life on digital media.

Whenever I shared moments for gaining unnecessary attention, things never happened the way I wanted them to happen. When I stopped, I attained success more easily. With time, I believe that we have lost the idea of simple living and have stopped to cherish the little moments we spent with our family and friends.

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