This Girl Talked About How She Was ‘Rejected’ For A Rishta Based On Her Looks And People Started Showing How Our Society Is!

They want money but not more than what their son earns. They want that gorra rang and they want the required zaat. They want her educated, but not too educated. They want the perfect roti-maker, but not as their “servant”. They want her perfect figure, something in the middle of not so thin and not so fat. And obviously, they want the age that makes her look young and perfect for their son.

Ah! The typical scenario of marriages especially when it comes to arranged marriages in our society. If not a bidding competition, it is not any lesser than a selection for the perfect ‘toy’ which will be operated by the ‘owners’ only. I am not even exaggerating how many families ‘choose’ their future bahus these days.

Remember how Islam and Quran instructed us to look deeply into the nature of the person you choose to marry? None of the matters anymore.

Meet Aesha Abubakr – She Might Be 5’4, But She’s Definitely Above All This Bullshit!



Recently, a family ‘rejected’ Aesha because of her front teeth. Yep, you read it right…HER TEETH.

With this certain tweet, women started sharing their experiences on why and how they were turned down by families, based solely on their appearances and additional factors:

The Typical One


So True. Especially the Mothers!

Just Reading This Sickens Me!


Oh God!

Love This Approach!

Such Bad-A**

You go girls!

LOL @ Ziyada Parhi Likhi Na Hona

Because It Threatens Them

You know what everyone overlooks? The compatibility, the nature and the attitude of the girls. ‘Rejecting’ someone based on their looks won’t bring the type of comprehension that might be needed for your family and for the upcoming generations.

Think carefully.

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