A Girl Shares Harrowing Details of How She Was Allegedly Harassed by a Famous Dentist in Karachi

A Girl Shares Harrowing Details of How She Was Allegedly Harassed by a Famous Dentist in Karachi

Sexual harassment in our society is rampant and we continue to deal with this nuisance. It’s a problem not only people in this part of the world face but it stretches on a global spectrum, affecting millions. A campaign coined under the hashtag #MeToo recently surfaced all over social media, to mark solidarity with the victims, as well as speak up about it.

We honor the bravery of victims who muster up the courage and strength to talk about it. We came across another instance where an anonymous woman reports her appalling encounter. She alleges a famous doctor, Dr. Alam, who sits at Manzar Medical Dental Center near Teen Talwar at the main Clifton road. There’s not much information about who was the victim as the original content has been shared by various people on different social media platforms.

Here is what the thread reads:

Okay so, this is just a precautionary warning to those who are looking for a dentist. Please do not go to Dr. Manzar Alam. He sits in Manzar Medical Dental Center at main Clifton Road, near Teen Talwar.

That guy is a predator. He may be a great dentist. But he is a molester. Takes advantage of girls. I am a victim, and I’m literally shaking while typing this. After my tooth extraction surgery, he touched me very inappropriately. Made me suck his thumb in a very sexual way, caressed my lips, face, hands, neck, tried grabbing my breasts but I didn’t remove my hand. All this time I kept telling him in a muffled voice (as he had injected me 8 times with a local anesthesia for the extraction). I’m uncomfortable and asking him why you’re doing this, his response: blood flow check kar raha hun. Positioned my arm in such a way that it’ll touch his junk. Oh God. Writing this is making me cringe.

Guys, please be careful while you visit doctors. I’m just grateful that I had someone with me in case he went way ahead then he did. Frankly speaking, that guy is excellent in his craft, comes on TV, has taught at universities and is renowned. It’s a typical case where the person is so good at his profession that fingers would be hardly pointed out at him. But I felt it was my duty to at least warn girls/women out there.

Source: Facebook


Do you guys have more references to a similar account, then share it with us.

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